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Foreign Trade Global Solutions

Do you want to buy in China?


           Integral service: Identifying the clients
    or suppliers of your interest, as well as to accompany your
     management by positioning orders, times of delivery,
    transports and customs office until the door of your
    company, including the management of incomes.


           Partial service: It consists of identifying the clients or
     suppliers of the product at hand.


Objectives of the organization

The quality of the service and your satisfaction are our major preoccupations. The quality of a product is based on the utilities that are offered to the client, for this reason we work to specially design tools that adapt to each situation.


As well, ArgenChina Trade owns an extended technical support via mail. In this one we will receive and answer any questions you may have.


+54 11 4247 3944

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Our objective is to offer a fast, direct and customized service, where your business needs can be satisfied immediately.

We know that the service and the attention to our clients do not finish with the commercial management of products, for that reason we propose to accompany you in a new philosophy of work in your company.

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